We offer comprehensive international design, consulting and commissioning services for mechanical, electrical and low voltage installation.


Building Permit, Working and Execution documentation in 2D and BIM for :
  • sanitary installation
  • electrical installation
  • ventilation
  • heating
  • cooling
  • air-conditioning
  • sprinklers and hydrants
  • low voltage installation ( FA, IT, BMS, CCTV, AC)
  • external services and network
  • photovoltaic installations


  • Technical and commercial support for companies in the Design & Build model
  • Creating construction programme in specialist software
  • Commissioning Management
  • Project Management / Design Management
  • Design Stage reviews and acceptance
  • Budgets, valuations, and inventories for installations
  • Analysis of the heat and electricity from the building
  • CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations of airflow and heating
  • Analysis of the costs of modernisation of installations in the building
  • Coordination and management in 3D and BIM programs
  • Modelling, creating and checking 3D BIM models